21 Day Fix Containers: How They Work

21 day fix containersI have found a simple weight loss program. The 21 day fix by Beach Body. This is the only program that I have tried ( and I have tried lots) that makes it easier to stick to a diet. The whole program is great, but the part I found the biggest help was the 21 Day Fix Containers, they are epic.

Trying to diet and exercise is hard enough without having to weigh your food, count calories or plain old guess. It goes without saying if you eat too much you will not see that scales move. But most people never heard that if you eat too little the same goes.

You never have to worry about getting the right amount ever again. If it fits into the container you get to eat it. The best part is you fill them up with any food you like, as long as it is the right food group. Simple right, the best things usually are.

When I started using the containers it became clear that my biggest problem was not eating enough. Using the system was so easy, if it fit into the container I had to eat it. I kept using the program and the containers. Truly I never expected to see much success, I never had before.

After I got used to eating the right amount of proper foods, I started to feel better. Wow, who knew losing weight could be so simple? The containers made my weight loss experience so much easier. Now I can fix my daily amount of food in no time. There was no guessing, if it fit in the container that was all I had to do.

I could not wait to get on the scales and see if they showed the results that I was feeling. Guess what, they did.

6 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Containers: How They Work

    • I would try calling or emailing Beach Body and see if they can hook you up with a few extras. If not, maybe try eBay and see if anyone is selling them.

    • Of course you need to eat healthy if you want to see any results. There is no magic solution out there that allows you to work out and eat like crap and still see results. This program is no different.

    • It’s really up to the person. The one I posted is just a sample. The great thing about this program and the meal plan is it doesn’t limit you to certain foods, but rather gives you a nice template to follow where you can craft your own meal plan that suits your own tastes and lifestyle.

      So it can be repetitive if you’re the type that likes to eat similar things every day, or it can be varied if you want to switch things up. It’s very flexible, which is one of the huge benefits.

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