21 Day Fix Recipes – Some General Info

21 day fix recipesI will wager that everyone of us that have started a weight loss plan struggle to have variety and fun meals. The hardest part of any plan is to come up with meals that do not have you cheating, just out of boredom. There are only so many ways you can do chicken or fish before you cry for steak and pulled pork . Most of us would give anything for a weight loss plan that makes getting recipes a part of it.

I have found the 21 Day Fix Plan does just that. I thought that the containers were a stroke of genius, and they are also used in the recipes. Using the containers are an important part of the recipes, you will always get the perfect portion. Being able to cook food, fill containers and mix it all together makes this plan easy for the most busy of us.

The recipes are always perfectly balanced with your protein, veggies and complex carbs. There are enough different combinations to keep even the picky eaters happy. You do not have to eat carbs for every meal, as long as you get your daily quota. If on any given day you are more hungry, you can just slip in an extra serving of veggies. Fresh always seem to fill me up faster.

The recipes cover a multitude of different tastes. If you have a particular liking for maybe mexican food, they have a few different choices. Mexican Salad is one of my favorites. The cheese quesadilla and fresh tomato salsa is great for that light meal or have it for a snack. As long as you eat your daily quota of food, you can mix the recipes any way that suits your day or taste.

They even have some great recipes for healthy desserts so you can feed your sweet side. Happy cooking!

21 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Recipes – Some General Info

    • Hey Jennie,

      There should be a booklet that was included in your package that has the recipes and meal plan in it. If it wasn’t included for some reason, I’d give them a call and see if they can send you another one.

  1. Hi I read your suggesting, really help but I was wondering what time are recommended for all meals starting with breakfast ,lunch ,dinner .also doing exercise . Thanks

    • Hi Blanca,

      It’s really whatever time works best for you. If you prefer exercising in the morning, do it then. If you like working out at night, stick with that. The best time is going to be the one that allows you to get it done :)

  2. I just bought the program . I been doing it for a week and feel better but not lost any weight . Wondering if I was doing something wrong. I’ve been doing exercise

    • You gotta give it more than a week. Any time you make a lifestyle change like adding in diet and exercise, you need to be patient while your body adapts. Stick with it and I promise you will see results.

    • What I would do is search for some good “paleo” recipes and follow those. I know paleo is kind of a buzz word and I don’t really like using it, but those are going to be whole food recipes from all natural ingredients, which is what you need.

  3. I am 68 yrs.old.I am thinking of trying your 21 day fix.The diet part sounds ok,but I am not sure about the exersizes.Are there exercises for me.I also have pulmonary fibrosis.Iam not on oxegyn yet.

    • Hey Sandy,

      You can still do the exercises but follow them at your own intensity and pace. In time, you will be able to increase intensity.

      Good luck :)

    • Of course you can. But be careful that you’re not overtraining. A common mistake some people make when starting a nutrition and workout regimen is they try to do TOO much, which can have it’s own set of problems. Basically, do enough exercising to where you feel good, but not enough to where you feel run into the ground all the time.

      This is especially important when dieting, since lower calories means less recovery ability.

    • The shakes are basically just meal replacements that are a bit more convenient for people who don’t want to prepare as many regular meals. You can definitely still do the 21 Day Fix without them though. They are a nice bonus, but not required.

  4. I’m currently losing approximately 1 lb per week, keeping track of calories, walk 10,000 steps on average per day. I’m consuming 1,400 – 1,500 cal per day. I’d like to do the 21 Day Fix but I’m unsure about how many calories I should consume as the calculation is 1,740 calories. I am a cancer survivor with not a lot of energy do the workouts will be modified. I’m worried about increasing 200+ or 300+ calories.

    • Hey Colette,

      The increased calories are because you will be doing even more activity with the 21 Day Fix workout program. The key to losing body fat at a healthy rate is not dropping calories too low compared to your activity level. So if right now you’re losing weight by walking and eating 1,500 calories, by increasing your activity when you do the 21 Day Fix, you will need some extra calories to help give you the energy you need for the workouts.

      Any increase in calories will surely be offset by the increased activity.

      I would say start with their recommendations and adjust as needed. If weight loss slows down, drop calories a little more until it resumes again.

  5. I am a few months away from a young 60 years old. My history of working out started when I was 27 years old and instructed aerobics in my 30’s. Continued working out thru more 40’s till I got burned out. Needless to say I have gone from tone to flab and can’t find my midrif and waist. Is this a program that is appropriate for someone in my age bracket. Also, my daily menu is that of only fish, sometimes chicken breast, veggies including salads and nuts. I do not eat red meats. Is there a time limit on staying on this program?

  6. I need to know if they send you the meal replacement if you don’t want it? I don’t want a meal replacement. I am buying one for a family member too, we both don’t want meal replacments.


  7. Bought the containers and book but not dvds. I think that the calorie amt is still to high for me. I weigh 232 with very little exercise at the moment and says 1802 caloric intake. I think this is to much. did not figure the 400 since I do very little exercise at the moment.

    • Hey Mary,

      1802 is a good starting point. You don’t want to go too low on calories as that can lead to many problems on it’s own.

      When losing body fat, slow and steady is always the healthiest way to go.

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