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  1. I am considering the possibility of buying this product. I have recently started running and my question is, by doing this program can I still continue to run. Usually 3 times a week, each about 3 mile run.

    Thank you

    • You can still continue to run, but just be careful that you’re not overdoing anything. When working out, recovery is just as important for progress as actual workout time is. I would maybe cut back on the running until you get a good feel for the program and then start slowly adding it back in.

  2. I see that turkey and chicken are the meats (proteins) on the meal plans. What about beef and pork. We are cattle ranchers and hardly eat turkey or chicken. We do but it is once every 2 months. (maybe) Fish in the summer time and salmon when we do out to eat. Thank you.

    • Beef and pork are perfectly fine. Most people just relate chicken and turkey as being “healthier” but if you’re raising your own meat, that’s as healthy as you can get. Beef and pork are great and red meat is not “bad” like some people make it out to be. So eat away :)

  3. are the exercises the same for the 21day fix vs the 21 day fix extreme. i have purchased the extreme dvd’s, and i was wondering if they were the same?

  4. I just have seen the infomercial on TV. 21 day Fix sounds great and looks like it would work for me. The concern is that I am on dialysis, I have a catheter in my stomach. I am hooked up to a machine each night, but not during the day, and the solutions that I have to use has a high sugar solution. It has caused me to gain about 30 lbs. I am overweight and want to lose that 30 lbs. Can someone like me with my current medical condition do the 21 day fix? My doctor says that I can walk and do light weights but I need to stay away from a lot of abdominal work. But that is where my problem area is. This is a very important decision cause I need to lose some weight and get my BMI down so that I can eventually get a kidney transplant. Any advice you give me would be greatly appreciate it and help me make the decision to purchase this program.

    • Hey DeRon,

      I think the best thing to do here would be to show the program to your doctor and see if he/she can give you advice on how to work it into your life.

      One thing I will say though is you cannot spot reduce. This means doing abdominal work doesn’t mean you will lose fat from that area specifically. Fat loss cannot be targeted to a specific part of the body – it happens all over.

      Basically, as long as you’re eating right, exercising, and burning fat as a whole, it will eventually come off your abs and other problem areas.

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